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September Meeting: “Of squirrels, mice & men: biodiversity and wildlife diseases”

Join One Health Club for the first Dinner Seminar of the year as we host Dr. Dan Salkeld, who will be speaking about the interactions between biodiversity and emerging infectious diseases using case studies including prairie dogs and plague and Lyme Disease and squirrels in California.


Thursday, September 12th, 2014

Dinner at 5:30, Lecture at 6:00 PM

Anatomy/Zoology Building, Room 118, CSU Campus

Dr. Salkeld is a Research Scientist at Colorado State University and lectures on courses on ecology and public health. His principle research interest is in the community ecology of wildlife disease and the implications for conservation and public health. His PhD dissertation work at James Cook University examined the ecology of a host-parasite system involving lizards and blood parasites, as a model for understanding disease in wildlife systems in general. Since then he has worked as a postdoctoral researcher in partnership between IUCN – The World Conservation Union and several universities. Currently he is working upon the impacts of landuse change upon the ecology and emergence of infectious diseases. You may read more about the scope of Dr. Salkeld’s work here.

All are encouraged to attend though dinner will be provided to dues-paying One Health Club members only. RSVP here.