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“Backyard Flock Talk”

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We will be having a dinner lecture and “Backyard Flock Talk” the evening of Thursday, April 17th starting at 5:30pmSarah Millonig, Dr. Kyran Cadmus, and Dr. Kristy Pabilonia will be sharing all of their wisdom and knowledge about poultry health and husbandry as well as the one health implications of the increasing number of backyard flocks. Whether you own your own chickens, have neighbors that do, or are wondering which came first…the chicken or the egg, this is the event for you! In all seriousness, this is a stellar line-up of experts and they will be providing a lot of great information, so bring your questions!


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Sarah Millonig will talk about the Colorado Avian Disease Surveillance Program and the National Poultry Improvement Plan. Afterwards, Dr. Cadmus will discuss some current ongoing research as described below….

Salmonella in Feed Stores Study – Dr. Kyran Cadmus


Salmonella outbreaks traced to contact with baby poultry purchased at agricultural feed stores or directly from mail-order hatcheries occur yearly in the United States. This study assessed prevalence of Salmonella in young poultry enclosures at feed stores in Colorado. Surveys characterized chick sourcing information, housing and cleaning habits, and whether stores displayed Salmonella educational information to customers. Over half (63%) of stores had one or more Salmonella positive samples. Thirteen serotypes were detected. Serotype Typhimurium (14%) was most commonly isolated, followed by serotype Senftenberg (8%). Multiple serotypes were isolated from 23% of stores. Chicks were sourced from 10 different hatcheries, with 43% using more than one hatchery. Most (90%) stores cleaned cages at least every 3 days. Salmonella educational material was posted by 50% of stores. Salmonella is very common in feed store poultry and store practices may contribute to dissemination to poultry cage surfaces.

One Health – Salmonella Prevelance in Small-Scale Egg Production Flocks

While recent outbreaks and research projects conducted here at Colorado State University have demonstrated a high prevalence of Salmonella in baby poultry at hatcheries and feed stores, the persistence of Salmonella in backyard poultry flocks and zoonotic transmission of the organism to flocks owners are poorly understood.

Small egg production flocks have varying biosecurity, flock health monitoring and disease prevention systems. As these types of flocks expand in numbers and geographical distribution, improved understanding of Salmonella prevalence and risk factors will assist with the design of prevention and control programs for this sector of the layer industry and will benefit the US commercial poultry industry as a whole. Focused Salmonella reduction interventions and educational programs for small producers could have significant impacts on public health and food safety.

The goal of this project is to elucidate the prevalence of and risk factors for Salmonella enterica in the growing small egg production flock sector, including small-scale semi-commercial egg production flocks and backyard laying flocks, in order to appropriately target interventions and educational efforts in these populations to reduce the public health burden of Salmonella and further increase the food safety of eggs originating from these sources.