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The Elevator Pitch for One Health

I had to work a job with “One Health” in the title for almost two years before I was able to describe it well and quickly. One Health is complex, occasionally esoteric, and often not directly applicable to the well-being of your audience. And yet, it’s innovative, valuable, and worth understanding.

Here’s my best attempt:

One Health began as an idea to bring together experts in human health, animal health, and environmental health to work collaboratively on big problems like infectious disease and food security.  Now in practice, One Health guides research, education, and training across universities and governments to encourage transdisciplinary work and long-term, systemic change.  In my veterinary work, I use One Health to help me understand issues by talking to people in other professions – everybody from economists to biologists to community activists.
What do you say when you have to define One Health on the fly? What would you add or edit to my pitch?