Leadership Team


Emily Amedee 

Alex Baker 

Christopher Clement 

My name is Christopher Clement. I am a third-year veterinary student as CSU, who is also a member of the newly made University of Alaska Fairbanks/Colorado State University 2+2 DVM Program. I am originally from Sitka, Alaska, a small town on an island with only 13 miles of road from end to end. My goals in One Health are focused around animals and public health, particularly how to relates to rural communities that have inadequate access to both human and veterinary healthcare. This includes aspects of shelter medicine such as vaccination of zoonotic pathogens, spay & neuter programs, routine veterinary care, and client education. This also includes aspects of public health such as a focus on the food and water supply as it relates to rural communities, subsistence living, environmental contaminants in wildlife, human activities as it relates to the environment such as mining near rivers or on wildlife refuges, etc. My goal is to return to Alaska and practice veterinary medicine & public health in these rural communities. In my free time I run, bike, wrestle, or play card/video games. Veterinary school takes up most of my time, but I have a stack of books I also have been slowly reading, such as the James Herriot series.

Anna D’Agostino

Hi there, my name is Anna DAgostino. I am currently a senior undergraduate studying business and Global Environmental Sustainability. I  plan on continuing my education after I graduate with nursing school.  I love travel and the outdoors, and hope to one day work internationally training local nurses in developing nations. The One Health Club really speaks to me, because in my undergraduate degree I had a hard time connecting my cross disciplinary interests and felt isolated in my major. I eventually found a way to work on cross disciplinary projects, and I hope to help other undergraduates discover there is more than just their major! Currently I am working on marketing materials for the One Health Club and trying to find ways to make One Health more accessible to undergraduates.

Carla Rey Diaz

My name is Carla Rey Diaz and I am a sophomore undergraduate student studying Biomedical Sciences and Microbiology. I am originally from Lima, Peru but have lived in the Denver area for most of my life. I hope to go to vet school after my undergraduate years and be able to work with exotic animals and study infectious diseases. In my free time I enjoy spending time outdoors with my dog and going on hikes. I also like to watch TV shows such as Grey’s Anatomy and I enjoy volunteering for rescue groups and helping with adoption events on weekends.

Elle Holbrook 

Originally from San Diego, CA, I moved to Fort Collins for my undergraduate studies in Environmental Health with a Business Administration minor. I’m now a veterinary student here at CSU but am taking a break between 2nd and 3rd year to complete a research fellowship and get a Master’s degree. The fellowship is focused on developing a method to convert veterinary medical records to the Common Data Model that’s been established for human medicine, to better facilitate One Health and translational research. After graduation, I plan to practice in a small town for a few years in mixed animal practice but I also want to pursue a career in research relating to One Health, epidemiology and infectious/zoonotic diseases. In my free time, I enjoy just about anything outdoors, especially hiking, camping and backpacking trips. I’m also hoping to learn another language or two in the next couple years, starting with Italian, and I spend time with nerdy hobbies like learning new coding or graphics languages like Python and D3.

Isabella Mazariegos 

Hi!  My name is Isabella Mazariegos and I am originally from Guatemala City, Guatemala.  I moved to Fort Collins six years ago to pursue a B.S in Biomedical Sciences and M.S. in Microbiology.  Now I am in the combined DVM and MPH program here at CSU. In my free time, I love spending time outside – I enjoy hiking, camping, and taking photos.  I am also addicted to traveling!  My goal is to visit every country in the world. In the future, I want my career to combine my passion for human and animal welfare with my interests in infectious diseases, global health, and travel.  One Health is the perfect platform!  I strive to make an impact in the field by developing new and affordable vaccines and/or treatments for zoonotic infections around the world, especially those affecting people and animals in third world countries like Guatemala.

Claire Tucker

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I am an MPH/DVM combined degree student currently in my third year of veterinary school. I have been with the One Health Club for three years now, and am excited to take on more of a leadership role. I also hold positions as the Assistant Director of Strategy for the One Health Institute, as well as the Development Communications Specialist for the CVMBS Office of Advancement. I love One Health because it has given me such a broad point of view on health and the ways to tackle problems. In the future, I hope to work as a practitioner and a policy maker, walking the liminal space between the two. When I am not studying or working, I am an avid runner, boxer, reader, and optimizer.