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Economics of Wildlife Disease

We are pleased to partner with the Wildlife Disease Association to bring you two stellar events on April 23rd!  
Economics of Wildlife Disease Panel and Dinner
The CSU Wildlife Disease Association and the CSU One Health Club will host a dinner and panel discussion on the “Economics of Wildlife Disease” onThursday, April 23 in the Diagnostic Medical Center Room 101 (300 West Drake Road, Building C).  A catered dinner (with Beer from Black Bottle Brewery) will be available at 6:00PM.  Cost of dinner will be $5 for CSU WDA or CSU OHC members and $10 for non-members.  The panel discussion will begin at 6:30 PM and will be free of charge and open to the public.
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Valuing a Pandemic Lunch Lecture with Dr. Jamison Pike
Dr. Jamison Pike, Senior Economist for the EcoHealth Alliance will be giving a lunch lecture, “Valuing a pandemic: Exploring trade-offs in rational risk reduction” in the Veterinary Teaching Hospital ACC 120 at 12PM on April 23rd.
Meetings and Events, One Health News

Brigadier General John Poppe: “One Health in Operation: The current practice in the US military health professions”

Brigadier General John Poppe, the highest ranking military officer with a veterinary degree, will be visiting CSU on Thursday, Feb 12! He will be providing a “One Health in Operation” seminar starting at 11am in Room 101 at the CSU Diagnostic Medical Center (Map of DMC). Please come join us! Pizza will be served after the lecture, and if you plan to attend, please RSVP HERE!Poppe flyer copy (1) (1)

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A “Business Case” for One Health

A “Business Case” for One Health

Farming in the highlands of Ethiopia

Researchers at ILRI have identified areas where One Health can create a tangible difference, even providing associated financial gains for our investments in collaboration!

The literature reviewed suggests that every dollar invested in One Health would yield five dollars worth of benefits. Therefore, increased investment in One Health on a large scale has the potential to transform the management of emerging and neglected zoonotic diseases and save the lives of millions of people and animals.


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7 Common Myths About Pandemics and New Diseases

7 Common Myths About Pandemics and New Diseases

This piece in the Huffington Post succinctly helps to dispel some common misconceptions surrounding the frightening novel viruses and “super bugs” frequenting the media as of late. CSU One Health Club hosted the lead author, Dr. William Karesh, for a student luncheon this past February.

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Climate shifts linked to rise in animal diseases in people

Climate shifts linked to rise in animal diseases in people

Kagondu Njagi, an environmental writer based in Nairobi, discusses the pressures faced by those living in arid and semi-arid lands and the contentious debate as to whether or not the increased incidence of zoonoses is in fact linked to climate change in these regions.